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Trinidad courtesy of Hillary

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Photos taken by Hillary 1-15-08.    Now Hill, let me teach you how to post these yourself.  You should not start your second semester of college without knowing how to blog!

What to do on a Rainy Day

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WOW!   Someone must be anticipating their first grandchild?!  The chair looks beautiful.    I’ve offered to Hill, and now to you the opportunity to post their own pictures on Today 2.0.

Bayside Grange Breakfast

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Sunday Morning…four times a year, we think. The meal is a benefit for the Grange, and it is a pure Arcata/Humboldt County event. Scrambled eggs or Tofu Scramble, chicken apple sausage or tofu sausage…..nice grainy pancakes, excellent Sacred Grounds coffee….and a stage full of entertainment…this morning there were Suzuki violin students doing their very best. [...]

Simple Kitchen Upgrade

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We ordered some slide-out kitchen shelves for two of our under counter cupboards.  What a wonderful difference.  We can now see what is in the back of the cupboard without having to kneel on the floor.  Durry is going to create another unit for one of the smaller shelves, and then  he is on to [...]