From my screen saver:  proof that its colder in Arcata than in Chicago.  And, for all of you NOT in Arcata, notice that the Arcata symbol shows SNOW.    Snow started at about 2pm….big flakes.  Still snowing an hour later.  It’s not sticking here at sea level (yet), but I am sure that the Smith’s will share some photos from up on the hill in McKinleyville.

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  1. a kid 19 February 2008 at 10:14 am #

    you’ve obviously never lived in chicago or anywhere on the east coast. otherwise you’d never say that. or your from there and detest it. i knowbecaue i worked covering giant mountians of salt in chicago that were bigger than hsu that they use for the roads when everything’s covered in a foot of solid ice for the whole winter. but yea one day

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