Hello World, Part II

Think of this as a continuation, not as a month of sitting around doing nothing.  Life is built around routine and for those of us past a certain age, routine becomes difficult to change.  I hope to establish a routine that includes a regular blogging time but up until now, that hasn’t happened.  The holidays, my mom’s visit, woodwork in the kitchen have all intervened.  That said, let’s pretend this past month didn’t happen and I’m continuing that post I started yesterday.  Works for me.

 One of the bad things…I remember very little of the instruction my son gave me on blogging.  For instance, what should I do about tags?  How many categories should I have?  I know I learned how to add a picture but that was so long ago.  And then there’s the question of blog roll and all those things under the Options tab.

This should be fun.  Stick with me and we’ll learn together.

One Response to “Hello World, Part II”
  1. Clay Parker Jones 3 February 2008 at 2:07 pm #

    Good, good.

    So, have as many categories as you want. I have maybe 25. That feels like a good number to me.

    For tags, I would tag things about you with “Durry Jones” and then just any of the pertinent topics included in the post. Think of Categories as major divisions between your posts, and tags as specific descriptors. Basically what they do is give you Google-juice.

    Glad you’re using this, Dad. I liked the most recent posts… Have your Swedish wife show you how to add images.

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