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Do you like my hat?

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT MEL (six weeks old – 1959)

My New Fun – Yarn Dyeing

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Wool yarn dyed with koolaid. Koolaid contains a lot of citric acid. With the addition of vinegar and “cooking” in the microwave, the color is permanent. LemonLime, Lemonade, and LemonLime with a touch of BerryBlue and Orange to tone down the bright green. Completed skein. Enough yarn for a hat or a scarf. The process [...]

WHO out there doesn’t know about this car?!!??!!!!!!!

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Atomic Blue Honda Civic Coupe – 2008 Happy Eyes Father can go to college in the trunk of a car!

Yeah, bacon grease on a bagel does taste good, but look at this for supreme goodness!

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Little Gem Lettuce, arugula, roasted beets and turnips, broccoli, basil dressing, and a slice of Cook’s Illustrated No-Knead Bread. Except for the frozen corn, and the flour for the bread, the ingredients come from Redwood Roots Farm in Arcata.

Lovely Field of Grain

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I really don’t know my grains.  There are two beautiful fields of this out in the bottoms on the way to the Hammond Bridge.  Any ideas? Pretty, huh?

Virgin Trip on the Hammond Trail

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Durry at the mouth of the Mad It’s hard to believe, but Durry had never walked the Hammond Trail. We parked the car at Roger’s market on School Road, and walked north to the new section of the trail. We took the new detour through the Widow White Creek Interpretive section. You can’t see this [...]


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Golden Birthday

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19 on the 19th!!

Rose, again.

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Just another rose for a Wednesday afternoon.     For those of you who haven’t been over to Clay’s other blog, you should go check it out.  He has posted a video he made yesterday flying into NYC.  And then scroll down the page to his Flicker pictures and see a little more of NYC and Chicago [...]

Riding in the Danger Zone

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This is an example of one of the many newly-posted signs the you can find all along 101. This one is posted as you head south (on the Hammond Trail) just before the big downhill before the Mad River. Distance verification on my new bike computer. (Birthday present from Lynn, Vince, Dave and Hill). The [...]