South Carolina Revisit

Before we move on, couple of addenda to the posts below:

While I don’t know for sure who Ben’s daddy was in SC, I have narrowed it down.  If we assume Abbeville is his birthplace, there are two possibilities…Isaiah and Stephan.  Both have the appropriate check marks in the 1810 and 1820 censuses (what is the plural of census…censae, censices, censa), both always appear near each other and both are very near Benjamin R when he firsts appears in 1830.  I used to lean toward Isaiah because he was the older of what appears to be brothers or cousins.  I have since read his will from 1831 and he mentions a bunch of kids, none named Benjamin…but here’s the thing that came to me just a few minutes ago.  He does mention a parcel of land he bought either with or from Stephan, the will is witnessed by Stephan Junior and Benjamin, and his executor is William S. Jones, his oldest son.  Thirty years later, when Ben’s oldest son Joel is posting a bond to act as administrator for his dad’s estate he gets his brother Chris to co-sign and a Wm S Jones from Aberdeen.  I never figured out who that guy was…now I have a guess.

Stephan and Isaiah were brothers, living in Abbeville, SC at least as early as 1800.  Two of Stephan’s kids were Benjamin and Stephan Jr.  Isaiah had a bunch of kids, but his oldest was William S.  Wm S and Ben are cousins who are about the same age.  When the Indian lands opened up in Mississippi these two kids decided to move to the frontier, being in their mid-30′s.  My guess is that William was a little better situated than Ben but he got very little land from his dad’s will, most of it going to his mother.

And when I look now at the 1840 census, why yes, there he is on the next page from Ben and his crew.  And if we look at the size of his farm, he’s got 14 slaves, which is quite a few compared to adjoining farms.  Compare to Ben’s who has 3.  William has nine family members (quite a few girls for a farmer) and Ben also has nine but they’re mostly boys.

Which brings me to James Willison, the son mentioned in the bible register, born in 1828 in SC.  I assume James dies before 1840 because all the other boys are accounted for in the 1840 census…2 under five (Stephan and Ben Jr), 3 5-10 yrs (Marshall, Oliver, Chris) and 1 10-15 yrs (Joel).  The only other male tick mark is Ben Sr 40-50.

Next post we’ll do the rest of the Mississippi years.

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  1. Clay Parker Jones 16 April 2009 at 5:24 am #

    Nice to see you blogging, Dad.

    You’re a good writer. Keep it up.

  2. Eric Ekholm 15 May 2009 at 8:14 pm #

    I was just doing some very brief research on the Knights Templar and the connection to Oak Island (watching history channel whilst studying) when I stumbled upon your site.
    I apologize, as I have not taken the time to further read your site and this composition is very poor (I am bleary from studying). However, my name is Eric Ekholm and I am a 7th generation Texan.
    My father, and of recent years myself as well, is currently trying to further research our genealogy.
    At your convenience, please let me know what insight you might have to the Ekholm name.
    If you are interested, or if time permits, please shoot me an email so that we may be able to find any connections.
    Thank You,

  3. Renee Ellis 3 November 2009 at 6:41 pm #

    I believe we share a common great grandfather in CC… In fact, our family lore has it that my older brother was named for him. This would have been on my father’s mothers side whose name was Jones,,, Nice to meet you, cousin! Renee Ellis in Arizona

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