Arcata Marsh

It was spring here in Arcata this morning.  The windless-weather prompted a nice long walk, with camera in hand, down to the Arcata Marsh.  Residents call it “the marsh” but it is officially  known as The Arcata Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a pretty special place — habitat for the animals and birds,and a nice place to walk.  The marsh is internationally acclaimed  and a  prototype for other environmentally friendly waste water treatment plants.

I will not go into the science of the marsh as I am sure that I would incorrectly describe the process.  These pictures will help show you the various treatment ponds, some of the birds, and finally the release of the clean water into  Humboldt Bay.




Snowy Egret


Canada Geese Partners


Clean Water


Humboldt Bay at low tide – Eureka off to the South

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