Shake-down Cruise

We’re counting down to our big adventure.  Eleven days until we hit the road.  Sure…LOTS of people have trailers and take off for months at a time, but this certainly is something I didn’t think I would ever be doing.   But when I looked in the rear view mirror last weekend it became a reality.

Our trailer guy advised us to take the new home out for a weekend to make sure that everything was working correctly.  Melvin told us to stay close to home, but instead we took the Pegasus up over Highway 299 to the Trinity Center KOA.  Some friends have a home there on the lake, so if we got into any trailer trouble we knew they would bail us out.

Trucks pulling a 5000 lb trailer over steep inclines do not get great gas mileage, by the way.  But years of conservative driving in small vehicles have earned us some extra carbon footprints points.  That’s the justification I am using, anyway.  We’re parked here at the rest area near Willow Creek.  Really cool… can have instant picnic lunches.

And you can park with ease in the parking lot of Ray’s Market in Weaverville.   I am actually looking forward to spending a night in a Walmart parking lot somewhere in the country.

The campground was FULL of big trees, and you can see the Durry negotiated around them just fine.  We chose a “pull-through” site, and it was a relatively level spot, so it took us just minutes (ha!) to set up.

Sleeping was difficult the first night.  It appears that trailer beds are crappy, to say the least.  We made some padding adjustments on our second night, and have now purchased a memory foam mattress pad for the rest of our travels.

It was hot by day at Trinity Lake so we were able to test the air conditioner.  It was cold over night so we know that the heater works well.  We cooked (served) dinner for friends, so we know that the kitchen will work out.

One valuable observation I made last weekend:  It’s important to talk with the  seasoned trailer folks… they will share their experiences….especially how best to use the bathroom.  Potty talk among adults is a funny thing.

Looks like we’ll be all ready to go on July 1….and we have the maps and travel books to guide us.

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