Up we go to the top of the tree….

Our neighbor has some surprises in store for us when we return.  She’s doing some major landscaping and tree removal on the hillside behind us.

Just so everyone knows that I am watching…here is the” before” picture of the back hillside.  This is the current view from our kitchen, dining room and deck.  This hillside is scheduled to be terraced and landscaped.  The grade has been a constant problem for our neighbor, so perhaps , in the future, it will not just be a hillside full of weeds.

And as I write this there is a lumberjack in the tree just outside our north window limbing a redwood.  Our neighbor wants more sunlight and a better view of the ocean.

There is a young but large maple tree in the lower center of this picture.  It’s a Red Maple (rubrum) that my mother planted as a twig when Clay was in 5th Grade.  (I’ve always called it a “Ruby” Maple because Clay was playing the character “Legs Ruby” in a school play.)  Call me sentimental, but the maple is important to me, and the limbing of the redwood to it’s left will certainly allow more light to hit the maple’s branches.

The “after” picture.  Many, many heavy limbs were removed from one of the redwood.  The back bedroom is now flooded with light.




Not all views are as beautiful.

I now leave you with a parting shot of our roses.  Durry and I have enjoyed our seven pots of roses on the deck….and as we leave town, they are, of course, in full bloom.

Gold Seal Rose

and wild Digitalis

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  1. Barbara 29 June 2010 at 4:49 pm #

    Bon Voyaje!!!!

  2. allison 30 June 2010 at 7:35 am #

    Have a great adventure! I’ll be looking forward to your trip updates! You won’t recognize the place when you get back!

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