In my mind, one of the reasons we’re on this trip is … to eat.  Regional foods, unusual foods, different takes on old favorites, bad food done well, good food prepared poorly…I’m just pretty much into eating.  Just before we left, Donna’s sister gave her the latest book by Road Fooders Jane and Michael Stern…500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late. The title pretty much explains the book.  Yesterday we crossed off two entries.

There’s a place north of Duluth, Two Harbors, that sits on the shore of Lake Superior.  A little iron ore town that time has passed by.  And it’s the home of Betty’s Pies.

Donna wouldn’t let us buy a whole pie, but we did get two slices to share…one Great Lakes Crunch (which consists of apple, rhubarb, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry) and one Blackberry Peach.

Excellent pie.  I would like to try the cream pies next time…they did have a coconut…but I figured regional fruit was a better choice first time out.

Here’s an oddity we didn’t try…you can order a pie shake, which is pretty much any pie with ice cream, whirled up like a shake.  If I’m going to have pie ala mode, I think I’ll skip the straw.

That was lunch.  Dinner found us across the river in Wisconsin at the Anchor Bar.  They were supposed to have great burgers and brews.  It was a funky, near the docks, biker type bar that only served burgers and fries as far as I could tell.

The star attraction was their Galleybuster, which was three burgers with cheese and all the fixings on a bun.  I took the Anchor Burger…just two pieces of meat.  Still more than enough.  And a good, greasy burger with excellent fries, and a Moose Drool Ale to wash it down.

Tomorrow we’re heading for a town that has a specialty served at Maggie’s Restaurant.  It’s a whole, boiled whitefish.  The book says it comes headless.  Still, I think I might pass on that one.

4 Responses to “3.14159265”
  1. Linda 26 July 2010 at 7:00 pm #

    Boiled fish wouldn’t be my first choice either, even if it came with dumplings. I’m saving my fork,there will be more pie I’m sure.

  2. Mel 27 July 2010 at 1:33 pm #

    I’m betting you won’t be having that special.

    Are you cross-checking resaurants between all of the food books, or are you only eating at ones in the new book? Why didn’t we ever mark your old book when we ate somewhere? Shouldn’t we have written a date next to the entry with a comment or two?

  3. Martha Haynes 2 August 2010 at 8:49 am #

    With all of the sitting while you drive and eat at these various eating establishments…how are your waistlines? Moose Drool Ale…I’m not a beer drinker in the first place, but that sounds, um, regional.

  4. donna 2 August 2010 at 9:08 am #

    Fortunately, VERY FEW of our meals are eaten outside of he trailer, so we can control what we eat pretty well. We have found that our exercise is probably less….on wooded hiking trails it really kind of hard to get up to a good pace. We will have to get better about that.

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