Back in the Saddle

After three days of environmentally imposed radio silence, we’re back in touch with the world.  We are now in Bozeman, visiting with our nephew Bryce who still lives here after graduating from Montana State.  And I can see why…this area is made for those who like and use the outdoors the way Bryce does…fishing, bike riding, hiking, skiing and boarding…all within a few miles of his front door.  This is what it looks like out our trailer front door…

Our three days in the backwoods taught us a lot.  Yellowstone National Park is beautiful, majestic, diverse and unwired.  And huge. And apparently very popular.

The campsite we found (they fill up quickly each day) was somewhat remote and forced us to learn how to dry-camp…no hookups for water or electric…where you have to use your on-board water and battery.  No showers and pit toilets added to the fun.  We discovered we can dry-camp like pros.  We didn’t run out of water, took showers every day and the battery never failed, even though we had to run the furnace each morning following mid-30 degree nights.

Yellowstone was remarkable.  We saw a young grizzly and a scruffy coyote in and near our campground.

While traveling around the park we saw bison, deer and an insurance company size bull elk.  And if you want to see more of our pictures here’s a link to our flickr page.

And here is your serendipity moment.  Thirty years ago…almost to the day…Donna and I were driving back to Michigan after getting married July 4th in San Francisco.  We had decided to drive through Yellowstone and on our one day in the park took the North Rim drive along the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  We had pulled into one lookout and some guy with a spotting scope was looking at an osprey nest and invited us to take a look.  This year…unplanned…we stopped in the same place

and there was a guy with a spotting scope and he invited us to take a look at an osprey nest.

Spooky.  I’d never seen a 30 year old osprey.

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  2. Martha Haynes 16 July 2010 at 6:13 am #

    A 30 year old osprey – now that IS amazing. In my mind I would camp the way you two are. In reality I would be at the lodge by Old Faithful. The last photo in this series, of the rocks and steep ridges is just beautiful!

  3. donna 18 July 2010 at 6:34 pm #

    Just to be perfectly clear, that osprey wasn’t thirty years old…..we had seen one just like it, in the exact location thirty years ago. And after three short weeks I’m thinking that I’m not ready to trade our trailer home in for a night at the lodge. It’s pretty special to drive in at the end of the day…to have been out in the middle of no-where USA, but when we lock the door at night…HEY! we are home. Not bad.

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