First Times at Skyline High

I lived in Salt Lake City from about 1964 until I graduated from Skyline high school in 1966.  In that time, you would think a peripatetic family like ours would have visited and viewed everything of interest in the area.  On this trip to SLC I’ve visited several venues for the first time ever.

Last night we went to hear the Tabernacle Choir in its weekly rehearsal for Sunday’s radio broadcast.  That was a first for me even though my family was involved in music here and I sang in the Tabernacle, and even rehearsed there under the baton of Maurice Abravanel.   I love hearing a good rehearsal, especially if you include a full orchestra and an organ that’s bigger than yours, or anybody’s for that matter.  It was held in the relatively new LDS conference center instead of the Tabernacle and I was impressed.

Wednesday we went to the Golden Spike National Historic sight in Promontory.  Never been there.  To be fair, it may not be in the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from there.  It was interesting but didn’t rate to the level of the California Trail Center we visited earlier in the trip.

On the way home, we went through Brigham City, again a first.  Great little town, but the best part was the Idle Isle Cafe.  They had pie.

From there we returned to SLC on old highway 89 that roughly follows the Wasatch Range.  Agreat drive with 9000 foot mountains up close on your left (if you’re heading south) and the Great Salt Lake and desert stretching out on your right.  The colors were astounding.  Don’t know why I never did that before.

And that brings me to 9:00 this Friday morning and time to go spend another day in the Family History Library.  Another first…three days in a repository.  So very cool.

I’m going to go ahead and publish this even though I don’t like the way the pictures are posting.  I’ll fix it later since I want to make the next shuttle to the library.

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  1. Mel 9 July 2010 at 10:22 am #

    Move on! Get away from that library! I posted on Donna’s facebook…my first thought as soon as I saw the picture of the choir, and especially the organ, was of Dad. How he would have loved to have been there! he would want to be up there messing around with the organ. You need to take Donna on some of those narrow road around the Wasatch mountains now that you’re driving a big truck. Do it while you have the trailer hooked up! Visions of “The Long, Long Trailer”…

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