Serendipity Do Dah Day

One trait I would like to acquire in the coming months on the road is the ability to discover the unusual, while looking for the mundane.  We started the day with a short list of tasks, some fun (we hoped), some necessary for the road.  We needed gas and groceries.  We wanted to find a geyser that was supposedly in the vicinity, “Old Perpetual”.  We wanted to visit the local museum, the Schminck, which our guidebook to Lakeview, Oregon said had, among other things, a fine collection of quilts.  That was to be our morning and early afternoon.

Gas and groceries were easy.  Old Perpetual apparently hasn’t been spouting for a couple of years.  They’ve had to change the name.  So the Schminck was going to have to fill our morning.  Thirty minutes we thought and back to the campsite for a nap.

This is how the Schminck museum got started:

Dalph and Lula were avid collectors of pioneer artifacts, including her mother’s lovely quilts. They gathered together more than 5,000 items. In 1948 Lula, a past Regent of Lake View Chapter, willed their bungalow in trust to the OSSDAR, as a museum. It was opened to the public by the Oregon Daughters in 1962. Elizabeth Currier Foster’s quilts are featured in the NSDAR Museum Exhibit, “Bound for the West: Women and their Families on the Western Trail.”

The surprise and the serendipity do dah for our day was the size and quality of the quilt collection.  Donna’s interest (and ability to talk to other people) got us into a quilt room to turn some of the hidden gems on the bed.  Just an example, and one we weren’t supposed to have, is this stolen photo of a Tree of Life variation.  Notice the quilting.

Our thirty minutes turned into 90.  We got to see the photos of all 74 quilts in the collection, some of which just returned from the DAR museum in DC.

That’s what I mean about Serendipity.  It’s going to be a great five months.

3 Responses to “Serendipity Do Dah Day”
  1. Kennesaw Jones 3 July 2010 at 6:31 pm #

    Do you all have any kind of itinerary? Has it been disclosed?

  2. Martha Haynes 7 July 2010 at 3:20 pm #

    How close is this museum to Arcata? A weekend trip? The quilt pictured is beautiful. The hand quilting is stuff of my dreams. How come it was supposed to be only 30 minutes?

  3. donna 7 July 2010 at 6:10 pm #

    Martha – the museum is about a six hour drive from Arcata. It is open Wednesday- Saturday from 11-4, so you would have to pick your “weekend”. I wasn’t supposed to take pictures, so I took that one quilt picture when we were down in the basement and when no one was looking. The rest of the quilts we even better than this…..when the director was turning the quilts on the bed for us, I was actually brought to tears…really, because I had to wipe them off my face. The “thirties” quilts were amazing. Because we showed an obvious interest in quilts and quite a bit of enthusiasm she took us behind the “cords” and showed us the real gems. I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to arrange such a showing. Judging the book from it’s cover, we thought we’d be able to stay a maximum of 30 minutes….never judge a book by its cover……..the house is small with an amazing wealth of STUFF.

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