Weekly Update

Actually, I had hoped to do this more than weekly, but it was a week ago today we were in Oberlin, OH and that was the last post.  We went to their farmer’s market (not so great) and then went in to Cleveland to have a look around. I’ve only been through a couple of times before, and have never spent much time in the downtown area.

We did the usual things…”saw” the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, looked at the waterfront, drove by the sports venues…but the really cool thing was the Farmer’s Market which was more like the permanent Market in Los Angeles than  farm stands around a square.  This place was incredible with every kind of food you could think of (it seems it always comes back to food, doesn’t it?).

I also walked across the street to a funky, barber’s college and got the best haircut of my life for $4 and a $3 tip.

After Cleveland, we proceeded along the shore of Lake Erie.  One goal was to see and spend time on each of the Great Lakes on our route (all of them except Huron).  We moved up through the little part of Pennsylvania (Erie) and spent the night over the border in NY in a town where Welch’s Grape Juice got started…there are vineyards all through this part of the world.

Next up was lunch in downtown Buffalo (the last time I pull a trailer through those small streets) at the bar that invented the buffalo wings.  The bar was great…the wings…just okay.  Donna’s are actually better.

That night…Niagara Falls.  Not much else to say.

Then off through Rochester, NY just to see where Nathan went to school (Eastman School of Music) and spent the night in the Finger Lakes region.  Talk about beautiful countryside.

Then up through Syracuse to sort of follow the Erie Canal (we get off on little jags from time to time) and finished up outside of Albany. With a couple of days in the Albany area we spent a few hours in the state library (couldn’t find anything about the McGladry’s) and walked around the state capital area.  It’s quite…different, to say the least.

We also did a little dancing around the Saratoga Springs area, just to see it and toured the Saratoga Battlefield.  This area was quite the linchpin in the Revolutionary War.  You should look that up.

Now we’re spending the next couple of days in Vermont.  I’ve never slept in VT so for two nights we’re in this cute little campground, in the hills above Bennington.

Not bad for a week.

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