I cannot believe it’s been over a year since we put something up on this site.  As bloggers, we’re pretty pathetic.  A lot has happened in the intervening months.  A couple of trips, some genealogical discoveries, some woodworking adventures.  Now we’re on another trip, this time to the desert southwest.

We spent two weeks plus at the Fountain of Youth Spa (that really is the name) which is located near Niland, CA.  Love the place with its activities and pools and spas and sun and relaxation.  Now we’ve moved on the AZ.  Currently outside Tucson in the Tucson Mountain Park which has a perfect campground…15 minutes from town but over the hill in the midst of saguaro cacti.  Spent today at the Desert Museum which is really a zoo built around the Sonoran desert habitats.  Tomorrow, we’re off toward Nogales, Bisbee and the SE corner of the state.

There are some great stories to tell over the next several days and some catch up on things I need to share.  Sorry about the absence.


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