Durry Jones

About Durry

Several years ago I stumbled onto genealogy as a past-time.  In the intervening years I’ve discovered a lot about the family and about myself.  I’ve taught myself how to research genealogical problems, taken courses from professionals and even spent a week at Sanford.  I’m not a pro and don’t profess to know everything there is to know about this field, but I may be able to help others avoid mistakes.

I am currently Executive Director of the local Historical Society.  A couple of years ago I retired after over thirty years in media, from radio to TV to cable.  I even have a local emmy from producing Jerry Springer’s first talk show in Cincinnati…before he went Hollywood.

I’m a native Texan (which accounts for a lot), have lived in 13 states and visited 49.  My wife’s a native Californian with family back to about 1870 and my son was born in Michigan, went to school in Los Angeles, worked in Chicago and now lives and works in New York.

As a general rule I’m more conservative than liberal, tend to give religion the benefit of the doubt and mostly think I know the answer to every question.