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Can I bore you with some pictures?

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Drakes Estero on the Pt. Reyes Peninsula. Sir Francis Drake stopped in here to rest and fix his boat. Not bad accommodations. To see more pictures click on:

New Work Shoes ;^)

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A new version of Air Pegasus. A wider toe box (for sore feet!) Pretty in pink, too.

Springs a-comin’

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Oh we like sheep.  Five babies spotted at the farm this afternoon. But it is still winter in the field. All that’s left of last summer’s crops is some kale, some funky chard, and probably still-good fennel.

Birthday Alert

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Tuesday, 7am.  Uncle Dave/Dad is waiting for your phone calls!


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Humboldt County for Barack

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Fifty-two percent of the State of California voted for Hillary, with 42 percent for Obama.  BUT, Humboldt County had 53 percent for Obama and 38 for Hillary.   I was an undecided voter over the weekend.  Tuesday morning I filled in the bubble for Barack!

Winter Sunday

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Taken off the Foote’s Deck Accumulation after 2 1/2 hours California and Terrace Top of the Hill just before getting to the Rosses 4NOZO77 is getting cold. The snow started at 2pm….it 5pm and still snowing. From The National Weather Service SNOW ADVISORY IN EFFECT UNTIL MIDNIGHT PST TONIGHT… THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE IN EUREKA [...]


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From my screen saver:  proof that its colder in Arcata than in Chicago.  And, for all of you NOT in Arcata, notice that the Arcata symbol shows SNOW.    Snow started at about 2pm….big flakes.  Still snowing an hour later.  It’s not sticking here at sea level (yet), but I am sure that the Smith’s will [...]

Bunnie and Breakfast in Trinidad

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Bird watching on a cooooold bench. Bird Bunnie’s breakfast.

Trinidad courtesy of Hillary

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Photos taken by Hillary 1-15-08.    Now Hill, let me teach you how to post these yourself.  You should not start your second semester of college without knowing how to blog!