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Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market

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Raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries on a pastry cream base.  Thanks Hill…..and Dave for transporting it so carefully in the back of a fast moving atomic blue Honda Civic

Carmen’s 4th of July Montana Cherry Pies

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(picture via Carmen and Bryce) She looks to be a good cooker…..

Yeah, bacon grease on a bagel does taste good, but look at this for supreme goodness!

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Little Gem Lettuce, arugula, roasted beets and turnips, broccoli, basil dressing, and a slice of Cook’s Illustrated No-Knead Bread. Except for the frozen corn, and the flour for the bread, the ingredients come from Redwood Roots Farm in Arcata.


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Redwood Roots Farm

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Perennial herb garden area Friday, June 6 — our choices: On the white board is what we can take….6 turnips, four carrots, two lettuce, 4 oz. of spinach, two baby boc choi, garlic, aruglua, radish……WHAT A TREAT!!!!!

Celebrating 4-20

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California’s Bounty Mouth is full.  Yumm-o And cake, oh my. Thanks for the fine photography, Lynn.

Springs a-comin’

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Oh we like sheep.  Five babies spotted at the farm this afternoon. But it is still winter in the field. All that’s left of last summer’s crops is some kale, some funky chard, and probably still-good fennel.

Bunnie and Breakfast in Trinidad

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Bird watching on a cooooold bench. Bird Bunnie’s breakfast.

Bayside Grange Breakfast

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Sunday Morning…four times a year, we think. The meal is a benefit for the Grange, and it is a pure Arcata/Humboldt County event. Scrambled eggs or Tofu Scramble, chicken apple sausage or tofu sausage…..nice grainy pancakes, excellent Sacred Grounds coffee….and a stage full of entertainment…this morning there were Suzuki violin students doing their very best. [...]