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With All Good Intentions

Posted 13 August 2008 | By | Categories: Art, Scenery | 1 Comment

We set out to take a nice walk up Trinidad Head.  The sun was out, there was no wind.  We had just had a nice phone conversation with Clay.  All was right in the world….. Who’s taking a walk now? So we walked on the beach to observe nature’s art. There is something very pacific [...]

Sunset in forest fire smoke

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Or you could say that perhaps we are in Area 51, New Mexico (see the flying saucer?) Just a cool and shaky picture of the sunset through ginkgo leaves.

WHO out there doesn’t know about this car?!!??!!!!!!!

Posted 24 June 2008 | By | Categories: Scenery, Travels | 3 Comments

Atomic Blue Honda Civic Coupe – 2008 Happy Eyes Father can go to college in the trunk of a car!

Lovely Field of Grain

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I really don’t know my grains.  There are two beautiful fields of this out in the bottoms on the way to the Hammond Bridge.  Any ideas? Pretty, huh?

Virgin Trip on the Hammond Trail

Posted 21 June 2008 | By | Categories: Durry, Scenery | No Comments

Durry at the mouth of the Mad It’s hard to believe, but Durry had never walked the Hammond Trail. We parked the car at Roger’s market on School Road, and walked north to the new section of the trail. We took the new detour through the Widow White Creek Interpretive section. You can’t see this [...]


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With the help of a comprehensive fertilizer/disease control product, I’ve had the best roses ever!

Sunday ride interrupted

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I left early for my ride this Sunday so I could beat the wind.  Instead I had this slight interruption.

Green Chicago River

Posted 15 March 2008 | By | Categories: Scenery | No Comments

Picture courtesy of Weatherplus Chicago webcam… They really do dye the Chicago River green for the St. Patty’s Day Parade. “The festivities began just before 11 a.m. Saturday when the Chicago River was dyed a bright shade of green. Crowds of people lined the river to witness the 40-year-old Chicago ritual. The coloring used is [...]

Winter Sunday

Posted 27 January 2008 | By | Categories: Scenery | No Comments

Taken off the Foote’s Deck Accumulation after 2 1/2 hours California and Terrace Top of the Hill just before getting to the Rosses 4NOZO77 is getting cold. The snow started at 2pm….it 5pm and still snowing. From The National Weather Service SNOW ADVISORY IN EFFECT UNTIL MIDNIGHT PST TONIGHT… THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE IN EUREKA [...]

St. Lucia Lights

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Let the holiday season begin.  St. Lucia Day (December 13) is the start of  Advent. These lights are on the Smith’s deck.