Donna Parker

Here I am — sixty years old.  I was born and raised on the San Francisco Peninsula, and went to college at San Francisco State during the turbulent ’60′s.  After college I worked in television, a radio station and at a magazine.

In 1980 I married Durry Jones ,  the “anchorman”   I met at the television station in Palm Springs, Ca.  In the first ten years of our marriage we lived in five states, moving our young son, Clay Parker Jones from Michigan to Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, and finally California.  I believe that  that after 20 years we all  consider Arcata, Ca.  our “home”.   Clay now lives and works in New York City as a marketing strategist for Undercurrent, a digital “think tank”.

Today, I work part time at a fabric store, and the rest of my time is filled with creating  bed quilts, art quilts and knitting.

Very soon,  Durry and I plan on finding ourselves out on the open road….seeing this country by car or inside a comfy Amtrak sleeper car.