“I Must Be Full”

I Must Be Full honors the memory of Durry’s grandfather, Clarence.    When Durry was an impressionable child, Clarence took a sip of his tea, dribbled some out of his mouth and onto his shirt, and said “I must be full.”  We  always thought that this was funny…still do in  fact.  You can make kids laugh with this little trick.  No attribution necessary.

Our son, Clay Parker Jones, gave us this blog site for our Christmas present.  This is his way of encouraging us to journal our lives on-line in this 21st century.  We have stories to share — past, present and in the future.   Our life is full.

(if you page back in the archives, you will see posts pre-dating the actual start of this current blog.  Clay transferred my previous posts from the “Today in Arcata” [sadly, a wonderful family- blog site that died a technical death] and Durry’s original blog at durryjones.com. )