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At the same time each year we are always pleasantly surprised that the ballerinas have returned

California Poppy on my Bike Ride

California Poppy on my Bike Ride

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Arcata Marsh

Arcata Marsh

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It was spring here in Arcata this morning.  The windless-weather prompted a nice long walk, with camera in hand, down to the Arcata Marsh.  Residents call it “the marsh” but it is officially  known as The Arcata Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a pretty special place — habitat for [...]

Saturday Morning Brex @ Los Bagels

Saturday Morning Brex @ Los Bagels

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We just can’t help ourselves…we’ve gotten into the habit of having breakfast each Saturday morning at perhaps the best and most consistent eatery in town — Los Bagels.    Durry is enamored with the jalapeno bagel with their egg salad and seems to be stuck in the egg salad rut.    I attempt to vary my Saturday [...]

Redwood Roots Farm

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Perennial herb garden area Friday, June 6 — our choices: On the white board is what we can take….6 turnips, four carrots, two lettuce, 4 oz. of spinach, two baby boc choi, garlic, aruglua, radish……WHAT A TREAT!!!!!

Winter Sunday

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Taken off the Foote’s Deck Accumulation after 2 1/2 hours California and Terrace Top of the Hill just before getting to the Rosses 4NOZO77 is getting cold. The snow started at 2pm….it 5pm and still snowing. From The National Weather Service SNOW ADVISORY IN EFFECT UNTIL MIDNIGHT PST TONIGHT… THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE IN EUREKA [...]